A winter solstice ritual to connect and realign

The celebration of Winter Solstice (also known as Yule) is one of the oldest winter celebrations in the world.  It can be a beautiful way to remember that our lives are part of something bigger which is constantly changing and renewing.


I love to create rituals for my business as a way of acknowledging and appreciating the opportunities I’ve received and to gain clarity on what to do next.


It cultivates an attitude of receptiveness and appreciation that helps me through any cycle or phase in my business.


Winter has a slower, quieter rhythm so a simple solstice ritual can guide you to connect deeply and energetically with what you want to create in 2018.


~ Find a quiet time and space, away from any distractions, where you can light a candle or diffuse essential oils such as…


Frankincense (to align with inner peace, love and compassion)


Cinnamon (to increase your connection with the divine and your intuitive skills) and


Myrrh (to ground and clear out negativity)


~ Write down all the things you’ve achieved over the past year and all that you are grateful for in your business and life.


~ Reflect on what didn’t manifest.  For whatever reason it was not meant to be.  Release all of this without blame, guilt or shame.


It’s a time to say goodbye to the old, and welcome the new.


~ Take a moment to get in touch with your inner wisdom through meditation.  What are your deepest yearnings – is it for creativity, communication, relationships, vitality, financial abundance?


This is not about what you should be doing but what your intuition is guiding you towards.  You may feel energy begin to rise within you.  Make a note of your ideas, images or feelings.


~ Focus on one or two areas that you want to bring to fruition in the next six months and get very clear on what this will look like.  Clarity and alignment are the first steps in being able to manifest what you want.


~ Write down how you will need to show up in order to have this in your life (This is very different from writing a list of actions). And the resources you will need.  For example, if you want to be more visible to a wider audience you may need to show up with more confidence and consistency and to access resources on speaking, marketing or social media.


~ Finish with a small celebration – say a prayer, play some music, take a walk in nature and feel the connection with your deepest desires.


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