Unleash your Business Potential

Group Coaching Programme, January 2018


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There is nothing more powerful than a group of like-minded individuals holding space for each other to bring to life the vision, purpose, creativity, confidence and highest possibilities for each participant.


With a culture of social media distraction which aims to connect, but can make us feel even more isolated, I’ve noticed an increasing desire to be a part of a co-creative community, to foster meaningful support and recognition and to learn from each other.


As female entrepreneurs we need to know we are not alone, we count and we are valued


This is why I’ve created a six week coaching programme for a small group of women who are ready to make a difference.


~ You have ideas and passion yet need the strength and impetus to make things happen.

~ You realise that without direction and accountability you’ll procrastinate and resist taking risks.

~ You have inklings that life could be better, more fulfilling and rewarding but you can’t quite figure it out on your own.


Coming together with the intention of releasing any blocks and realising our greatest potential, will ignite possibilities in all areas of your business.


This is your opportunity to surround yourself with the powerful energy of transformation


During our time together you will find a safe place to express your hopes and fears, to receive advice, support and encouragement, to learn from each other and to celebrate your achievements.


For further details click here or email