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Turn your love of wellbeing into residual income


Building your own business and creating residual income can open up many more possibilities, personally and financially, in your life.


So I took on this challenge…. to develop a new residual income stream for my own business.


One of the main the main reasons for setting this up, alongside my existing coaching practice, is that my current business model (like many other coaches and consultants) depends on me showing up….all the time!  It can be exhausting and overwhelming and over the long term didn’t feel sustainable, so…


It was quite by chance I came across doTERRA essential oils, two years ago.  At the time I was ready to create another income stream, alongside my business coaching, and develop a business that matched my interests and values in health and financial wellbeing.


As a result of synchronicity and intuition, I knew immediately that doTERRA would combine my interests in health and financial wellbeing.  So I got involved straightaway!


Initially, I just used the oils for my own personal self care.  However, as soon as I experienced the benefits and shared my love for these high quality, high vibration essential oils, I attracted a wonderful team of like-minded people.


Over a short period of time, I’ve become part of an amazing heart-centred and supportive community around the world.


Of course it does take work, but whether you are self-employed, work for a company or are a stay at home mum, residual income could help fund a dream holiday, school/university fees or build a retirement pension so that you can feel safe and secure knowing you have a financial cushion.


doTERRA’s values, ethics and integrity have been especially important to me.


At this year’s Convention (it was wonderful to see so many people from Europe) we learned more about the co-impact sourcing arrangements with communities in countries such as Somalia and Nepal.


By using these essential oils we are helping to create jobs and educational opportunities for families in remote rural areas, who otherwise would have very little to support themselves.


In addition, doTERRA is involved in many humanitarian efforts through its charity the Healing Hands Foundation. For example, it has helped thousands of families in Nepal rebuild their lives after the devastating earthquake.


Click here for more details on the company and the oils.


It is an exciting time to be part of doTERRA as it continues to grow very rapidly. 


The business owners I work with are passionate about what they do and as a result are creating lifestyles that many of us can only dream about!


It’s very inspiring to see them do so well.


If this is of interest, then I’m now accepting applications from heart-centred feminine leaders, who want to set up a residual income business, to privately mentor with me and receive:


~ My step-by-step process to create a residual money channel within 6 months

~ Invaluable business training from someone who has had top leadership roles in international businesses as well as over 12 years’ success as a business owner

~ Rapid development of your personal and professional skills that can position you as a leading expert in your field

~ No cost business coaching and mentoring if you decide to join my Essential Oil team

~Plus many other opportunities to expand your business and wealth consciousness.


How do you know this is for you?

~ You are highly motivated to create financial freedom that is line with your values

~ You’re ready to step out of your comfort zone and take action

~ You’re attracted to natural health and wellbeing

~ You’re interested in working with a team of like-minded, heart centred professionals

~ You are up for a new challenge and prepared to ‘do what it takes’

~ You are ready for abundance in all areas of your life


‘Since I started my business in May 2015, I have been blessed with amazing business partners.  Everyone has been so supportive and it feels great to be part of a team with successful and supportive leaders.  I am grateful to have found natural solutions for my family’s health concerns.  And what’s exciting is that I get to share these precious, pure essential oils with the world!’  – Joyce


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