Business Coaching Programme

Women around the world know that it’s time to fully realise their potential, to step through any doubts and fears and to show up in a way which uniquely works for them!

Which is why I’ve created a private one to one coaching programme  for female business owners who are ready and willing to step beyond any self-imposed beliefs and barriers, that may have held them back, in order to develop a rich and rewarding business through the services they provide.

“Working with Susan helped me take some challenging leaps to grow my business with confidence.”

“I am incredibly grateful for Susan’s life-changing business coaching. Working with Susan helped me take some challenging leaps to grow my business with confidence – and empowered me to transform my locally based holistic business into a growing online brand.

Susan provided foundational business-building coaching, particularly around building my online presence, and adapting my work to an online format. This in turn led to more visibility, an international client list and making more profits from doing the work I love.

Susan always went above and beyond our coaching contract. She showed up in every coaching call with expertise, precision, encouragement and grace, and generously shared research, resources, contacts and information that have made a crucial difference to my business development.

I cannot recommend Susan more highly to you if you want to turn your passion into a business, or take your business to a new level in an aligned and feminine way.”  Diana, Sacred Woman Awakening

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“My attitude to my business as a whole has completely changed.”

“I now see myself as a more equipped business woman in my industry, I have confidence in what I deliver to my clients and I know I can charge the fees that this brings. To learn this is priceless.

Not only has Susan worked with me on my business she has also listened to what else is going on in my life, and considered the effects all this has on my working activities and daily motivations. Her advice and support in these areas have been wonderful, I really feel like she cares about the ‘whole’ me, not just the ‘photographer’ me.

My business is now destined for much greater things, which I can’t say isn’t scary but I feel ready for it now; it is definitely a very exciting time for me! Thank you Susan.”  Jemma Watts,


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